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Steph Joyce & Theresa Zwerschke
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Catwings is an initiative for relational, situational, and performative art and research based in Leipzig, Germany. We organize and facilitate gathering-based programs for collective research, in which relations between audiences, artists, writers and cultural practitioners are centered and their situatedness is reflected. We endeavor to support intersubjective understandings of knowledge production, critical making, research methodologies, and various modes of collective learning by softening the often rigid delineations between art, cultural production, mediation and their sociopolitical involvement. Understanding them as interwoven and mutually defining offers possible strategies to consider collective practices to confront social, political, economic and ecological complexities and urgencies.

We are dedicated to continuously working towards an ethics of care within our practice as Catwings, which involves critically reflecting on and negotiating with our role and responsibilities as hosts, facilitators, researchers, and artists.

Catwings was founded in 2021 by Annika Stoll, Steph Joyce and Theresa Zwerschke as a non-profit art space and has since evolved into an independent initiative assembled by Steph and Theresa.


Ongoing Archive Program
OBN principle of disagreement
Networking-knot working-notworking
2022, multi channel sound installation, leaflets, Kassel
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The Old Boys Network organized the first Cyberfeminist International in 1997 as part of the Hybrid Work Space of documenta X and was active until 2001.
The aim of the obn_archive project is to process, archive and digitize this relevant history of the connection between feminism and technology.
Together with the artist Cornelia Sollfrank, a group of the documenta Studies from the Kunsthochschule Kassel (Carina Herring, Malin Kuht, Julia Stolba, Nora Sternfeld) have sifted through, indexed and discussed material from the Old Boys Network, the first international cyberfeminist organization. The guiding principles of the archive project are based on the structure and ideas proposed by OBN itself: the mode is the message - the code is the collective.

Following the invitation to activate the obn_archive, Catwings engaged with archive material, interviews and sound phragments of the Old Boys Network which merged into a sonic installation at Stellwerk Kassel in the framework of the archive is the directive conference at RuRu Haus, documenta15 Kassel.

Concept, Sound Design & Text
Theresa Zwerschke
Steph Joyce
with Catwings

Malin Kuht

Graphic Design
Hanako Emden

Sound Mastering & Programming
João Polido